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Should I worry that my cat sleeps too much?

Having a difficult time finding your cat right now? Don’t worry, they are probably napping somewhere else, as always! Even though this may seem strange to you, Cats like their sleep! just like some of us but not all of us have the luxury of lazying around like our beloved pets. They can sleep anywhere, anytime, regardless of the situation.

Cats are nocturnal animals, they sleep all day long and are active at night, around twilight. Their naps combined are estimated between 15 and 20 hours per day, but not to worry, there is a good reason behind it all!

Sleep and aging:

The sleep pattern in cats changes as they get older, kittens will mainly sleep all day with a few breaks to have a meal and to enjoy a little bit of playtime. Adolescent cats are different, their sleeping habits are very unpredictable, they could be awake with lots of energy and a second after they would fall asleep. As for adult cats, they can sleep all day long while being active throughout the night, and concerning the senior cats, well... They just sleep all the time and have less energy than younger cats.

Energy-saving :

The reason why cats sleep too much during the day is that they need to conserve their energy. Wondering why? As we know, cats are hunters by instinct, their predator sense, sneaking around at night and chasing prey requires a lot of energy.

When should I worry about my cat's sleeping pattern?

You can worry if you see a sudden change in your cat's sleeping habits. If your cat is sleeping less than usual, it might be suffering from hyperthyroidism or other conditions, and you should definitely pay a visit to your vet!

Don't forget:

In warmer countries in the world, cats sleep much more to be able to cool down their body temperature that is covered in fur. So temperature changes and heat is another reason why your cat is moving less.

As you can see, it's perfectly normal for your cat to be sleeping all day! Don’t forget to share with us your concerns in the comment sections on our social media accounts!

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