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A team of engineers passionate about technologies and pets, has the crazy idea of a device that would help us better understand and communicate with cats and dogs.

2020 - 2022

He officially created the first version of Laeka Perle in collaboration with other engineers, veterinarians and a small core of animal world enthusiasts.


Laeka is then a multi-sensor device attached to the animal's collar or harness. It is connected to several satellites and contains:

  • GPS

  • Health book

  • Well-being monitoring

The user accesses this information via the Laeka App on their phone.

Laeka participates in prestigious trade shows such as CES in Las Vegas and IFA in Berlin.

Laeka has been awarded several times and even received the veterinary innovation prize in 2021 during the annual AFVAC veterinarians' congress.

ces 2022
PIV 2021 - Favori - Cat. Vétérinaire augmente

Laeka continues to evolve following various tests and feedback from its valued customers.


To existing features, Laeka adds specialized AI.


Laeka Perle is the first multisensory sensor to integrate Artificial Intelligence in France. Unique and unique!


In addition, the Laeka app offers canine, feline and veterinary tutorials free of charge to its users.

GPS is also becoming more professional with very realistic 2D and 3D maps.

But Laeka does not rely solely on machines !

Indeed, we have always aimed to work in collaboration with pets owners and veterinarians.

Laeka is the first PetTech company to put cutting-edge technologies AND humans at the service of pets well-being.

With Laeka Perle

  • Cats and dogs benefit from daily health, well-being and safety monitoring in order to anticipate as many problems as possible.

  • Humans feel reassured and learn a lot about the animal world.

  • Veterinarians take advantage of all the information generated by AI and sensors to deliver their diagnoses.

Find the free Laeka app on Android and AppStore

Our team

photograph of Imen
Imen Hassani
fatah founder
Fatah Hassani
CEO Co-Founder
Photo de Kamel
Kamel Hamma
Sales Manager
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